Is vosotros = ustedes?
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  • I found an error in the course (Spanish for English), it asked me "second person plural" so I said "ustedes", but it said it's wrong and gave me "vosotros", they're synonyms though...

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  • (Correct me if I'm wrong, it's been some time since I last studied Spanish...) Vosotros is plural, that's right. Ustedes is the formal way of saying 'you'. You would use ustedes when talking to a stranger or someone you're not familiar with.

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    Thanks for contacting Lingvist!

    In Standard Spanish, both vosotros and ustedes are 2nd person plural, but ustedes is used to address somebody in a respectful / less familiar way. Also, we teach them separately because the verb forms they use are different (2nd pers plural / 3rd pers plural): vosotros sois / ustedes son, vosotros estáis / ustedes están, etc.

    We really appreciate your valuable feedback.

    ¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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