Denglish (EN loan words in DE - why so many?)

I am dismayed by the number of English words (perhaps slightly Germanized) that show up when I know of real German equivalents. Is that intentional?

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One of the learners have previously complained about this issue. The official response was, that modern German press is inclined to use English terms. The cards are based on the word usage frequency, so that's how those words got into the course.

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As a native German speaker I can confirm that they definitely are used. However, sometimes one must be careful. We like to use these words in a more specific context. Just two examples here:
We Germanized the verb "to chat" to "chatten". However, we only use it in the context of an electronic messenger conversation. When doing it in person, we'd rather use "plaudern" or "unterhalten"
Second example: "bug". We only use it in the context of programming errors in computer systems, not in the biological context, there the word would be "Ungeziefer" oder "Käfer"

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