In the future you have a plan to make a portuguese brazilian course?? because the portuguese portugal is more different of portuguese brazilian, grammatical and some words have a different traduction in the two languages, the ways of verbs are write in the same languages are differents, for example;

One - Pronunciation
1 - boy
2 - hope
3 - piece
alt text
'' i'm doing '' the red button is Brazilian portuguese and the blue is portugal
alt text

Two - Syntax
1 - Give me a gift
alt text

to make this post short, i've decided not enter in the rules of each language and i'll go to show a little bit of translations differences

alt text

!!! ''Biberão'' and ''mamadeira'' are baby bottle, I made a mistake !!!

I tried translate by the I know of portuguese of portugal in some cases I translate the word about what I understanded of the words but in the two examples of image, the two Columns of words are equal, so.. look the differences

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