Original Russian keyboard

Thanks a lot for this great learning method. My suggestion will be to cast the Lingvist Russian keyboard to a "real" Russian keyboard display. This might benefit user experience.


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Yes, I think the on-screen keyboard provided should match the layout of a real Russian keyboard. I find it very confusing when the letters are in a totally different place compared to the keyboard on my mobile phone, for example. It takes me twice as long to complete a deck of 50 cards in Russian compared to when I did the French course, and that's because I'm forever searching for the letters. Looking at the same standardised format on all apps/websites would really help me to get faster.


Hi @Alexis-Amet and @Simone-Baroke

Sorry for the late reply. This topic was somehow lost among the other suggestions and comments. But it is a very valid question. We chose the phonetic keyboard layout because we thought it would be easier for learners as they don't have to memorize a new keyboard layout then.

I'm sorry that we made things harder for you. We will discuss this issue and see what we can do :)

Happy learning with Lingvist!

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