Can I get a list of the vocabulary I've learned?

My progress page tells me I've mastered 439 words in Spanish. If I click "View" it only lists new words I've learned today. I would like to create a dictionary, of sorts, listing all the words I've learned, conjugating the verbs, declining the pronouns, etc. Is it possible to get that list anywhere?

Thank you!

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I just looked through the list of technical questions and found that the vocabulary list is not ready for some languages. Is Spanish one of them?

@sahmomto2 it is completely empty for the courses that it's not ready for. As you can see last learned words, your issue is more similar to this one (unsolved so far). And to answer you first question, Word list is the right place to achieve your goal, at least when it's working. At the moment, there is no known better way.

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