Mobile app support & offline mode

Is it possible to download this program in order to work off line?

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Hey @Angus-MacDonald, you can download the app for iOS and Android, but it won't fully support you offline at the moment. You can, however, count on about 15 minutes of learning without Internet.

Compatibility requirements:
Andoird 4.4 and up
iOS 9.0 and up

For older versions we suggest using a mobile browser version, although your experience may be limited.

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Hi, @Marina
Is there a plan to support android 4.1?

4.1-4.3 combined market share is 9.1 % and dropping. What part of this audience (running old Android on an old device) is potentially paid customers?


Hi @C-F-Koenigg, there are no plans to extend support to older versions, sorry about that.
If there is no chance for you to switch to another device, you could try running Lingvist in your mobile browser, however your experience may be limited.

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