What is your favourite Russian word?

What is your favourite Russian word? Is it тоска or компот or something else? I'm curious to know :)

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@Sabina said in What is your favourite Russian word?:

What is your favourite Russian word? Is it тоска or компот or something else? I'm curious to know :)

Тоска? Come on! Where all that cheerfulness gone? How about "переподвыподверт"?


@dev_temp This is a very interesting word indeed! Where did you learn it?

Looking forward to other responses :)

thats funny, what about "высокопревосходительство"? )))


I was recently asked to give feedback about an event, and, when searching for a good word, I learned that "эпатаж" doesn't have an equivalent in English.


Слово «эпатаж» соответствует жаргонному фр. épatage, «подножка» из русского выражения «дать/подставить подножку». Слово приводится в словарях арго, отсутствует в литературном французском, образовано от глагола фр. épater — ошеломлять, приводить в изумление (буквальное значение — «отколоть ножку [рюмки]»). Жаргонизм появился во Франции около 1835 года; в русский язык слово вошло в XIX веке вместе с желанием фр. épater les bourgeois («ошеломить буржуев»), которое проповедовали французские деятели искусства 1830-х годов. Во многих языках, включая английский, слово не имеет эквивалента.

Would you take it as a Russian word, @Sabina, or were you looking for something like:

  • сизый
  • кров
  • брюзжать
  • сени
  • размозжить? :)

@dev_temp I feel complimented by you... :blush:

@Marina I'm flattered and amazed by a simple fact it has any meaning for you. Let's add "польщён" to the list, to give this thread a chance no to be led completely off.


@dev_temp I attended a marketing semiotics event last week and now everything has a meaning for me.

Let's add, #учение-о-знаках. @Sabina, do you take phrases as well?


Thanks for the input, @Marina! I'm looking for whatever words our users like the most in Russian. It doesn't necessarily have to be complicated or of a very advanced level. Simple things and simple words can be beautiful and meaningful as well :)

So whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, let me know what your favourite words in the Russian language are :)

Because the gladiolus


Господа, игра окончена! :D

@Ganna-Bondarenko Ваш ответ лучший!!! 😂

@uzgeorg both are correct, but have different meaning:
-мука́ is a flour;
-му́ка is a torment, torture, pain and suffering. Has quite a range of meanings from "муки творчества" - meaning a kind of artistic suffering that creative people have to go through to create something novel and beautiful, to "вечных мук" - kind of suffering one would experience in hell in order to repent.
So, which one is your word of choice?


@dev_temp Thanks for explaining it! :)

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