Where can I see learned words?
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  • It would be awesome if there was a part where we can see the words that we have already learnt.

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  • You can see it under "Vocabulary" on the Dashboard. There is a button "view".
    If you klick there you can see the words you've learned until now. I hope I could help.
    Greetings from Germany.

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  • Yep, that's an intended way to get to the learned words list.But don't be disappointed if you would find only empty list there, as currently this feature works only for certain courses. Lingivst people are aware of this issue, and will fix it some day, maybe. Just don't hold your breath for it.

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  • As a developer, I fail to understand what the challenge with this page is exactly. You have all the data in your system already. Where is the challenge in generating the same list for an arbitrary language selection?

    Also, it doesn't even paginate correctly on the languages it does work for. For French, I have a short list of words with "0 words in total (0 today)" on top, and no pagination links - despite my vocabulary size being reported in the side panel as 61.

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  • Hey Lingvist, you've got @William-Wenge-Murphy with expertise sufficient to fail in understanding what's taking you so long in getting the wordlist to work. Get him on board, he'll empty your technical debt in no time!

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  • Well, @lee, do you have some explanation as to why it should be inordinately hard to even paginate a simple list?
    Are they duplicating the data within their system just for display in this list, and can you explain why that's a good idea?

    Do you have actual insights, or just useless snark?

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