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Hey all, we've put together a How-To and FAQ post helping you find your way around the app and make sense of it. It is based on true questions, asked by our learners through customer support. If you found an explanation useful - give it thumbs up.

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I didn’t find the language I wanted to learn.

We’re still working on extending the linguistic map of the languages we offer. Right now, you can learn French, Russian, German and Spanish from English. We’ll be bringing you more courses in the future. If you’d like to vote for your favorite language, vote here.


What languages can I learn and where can I add them?

You can add any available language pair to your account under Account>Add a new language:

  • English from Spanish, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Estonian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese
  • French from English, Russian and Estonian
  • Russian from English
  • Spanish from English
  • German from English

How can I delete my account?

At the moment, you can’t do it manually, but we can do it for you if you’ve decided to leave. Send us an email with the address used for your account, and we will set it up for deletion within the next 14 days (hope you won't be swearing at us during these 2 weeks!).

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How can I reset my progress?

If you’ve taken a break, there’s no need to reset your progress. Our algorithm knows exactly when you started learning and when you paused. When you resume learning regularly again, it will show you all the words you’ve likely forgotten during your break since these have been added to your repeat stack.

However, if you’d like to start learning from scratch again, send us an email to and we will reset your account manually. Importante! Resetting your account will wipe out all of your history across all language pairs. Keep it in mind.


I’m not a beginner. Can I skip the easy words?

Yes! Go ahead and complete the first 12 cards, after which you’ll be offered a test. The app will fast-track you to a further point in the course based on your results.

If you think that the test has misplaced you, it could’ve happened for 2 different reasons:

  • We need to get better at calculating your level;
  • You made a few accidental mistakes.

Send us an email to and we will reset your account. As mentioned above, please keep in mind account reset will wipe out all of your history across all language pairs. (Not the best way to deal with the issue, but that's what we've got right now)


How do I navigate the card and bring up translations?

On mobile:

  • Tap on a single word to see its translation and hear its pronunciation.
  • Double-tap on any word in a sentence to see the translation of the entire phrase.
  • Swipe left to return to the previous card.
  • Swipe right to reveal the answer.
  • Pull down to see the translation of the entire sentence.

On desktop:

  • Click on a single word to see its translation and hear its pronunciation.
  • Double-click on any word in a sentence to see the translation of the entire phrase.
  • Press the Left arrow key to return to the previous card
  • Press the Right arrow key to reveal the answer
  • Press the Up arrow key to show/hide the sentence translation. There’s a toggle above the sentence. Click on the toggle to keep the translations visible at all times.

Why aren’t there Read and Listen sections in my course at all?

Newly launched courses don’t have any Read and Listen sections because we haven’t added them yet. We ourselves would like to see them up there sooner than later. While we are working on bringing you reading and listening exercises in some form in the future, we encourage you to work with the Learn module to build vocabulary.


Why is my word-list empty?

Newly launched courses are still missing word-lists. We are working on getting them to you soon. As many of the Lingvist team are learning languages with the app too, this feature is always on our radar.


Is there a way to learn offline?

Not at the moment, but we can support your learning without an internet connection for up to 15 minutes only. We intend to develop a fully-functioning offline version in the future.


Why does Lingvist work?

We look at the language learning process differently:

  • We teach you the most commonly spoken words first. Having analysed millions of bits of data from news articles, film subtitles, and books, we build our courses around the words’ statistical relevance. For example, you'll learn the word "money" before the word "school" in French because it's more likely to come up in conversations nowadays.

  • The course adapts to your mistakes. Following the spaced repetition formula, our app will be repeating the words where you make more mistakes more frequently, and will go through the words which are easier for you faster.

  • The app knows when to show you new words and when to repeat previously learned. We show you no unnecessary repetitions. Don’t worry if you think you haven’t seen a word you learned some time ago in a while. The algorithm knows when it’s the optimal time to show it to you.


Why does Lingvist ask me to type in a word?

We’d like to make sure that you’ve learned a word, so we ask you to spell it out. We also want to make sure you develop the muscle memory of typing a word out, so the next time you’re typing in your target language, it happens more naturally.


How will I learn grammar on Lingvist?

We won’t teach you grammar specifically, but we will show you grammar notes for some words, when we think it’s needed. You’ll likely start forming your understanding of grammatical patterns, which you can later on verify in our “Grammar Tips” section.

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How do I get the most out of Lingvist?

We suggest doing as many cards as possible on the first day, and then making a regular habit of doing some learning every day—50 cards at least, more if you can. If you're reading this and its not your first day, pretend it is! Challenge yourself to do as many as you can today, and then take it easier in the days to come. Our data suggests that over the long term, consistency is more important than quantity.

To support your learning even when you are not on Lingvist, switch your phone and computer to the language you are learning. We also recommend cooking shows in the language you are learning to nurture you physically and mentally!

You can get even more support here, through our Forum Community, where you can connect with other language learners and Lingvist users, as well as the people on our team to share tips, interesting language information and help each other learn.


Will Lingvist be free forever?

Lingvist is currently in beta testing and as such, free for anyone to use. We won’t be able to keep it free forever, though, since all of our courses are carefully hand-crafted by linguists. We’ll announce in advance when anything changes in this area.


Anything remained unanswered? Shoot in the comments!

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