Cannot get past " ľamour" in french cards
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  • Please help me to get past this word.The app doesn't accept any answers. Otherwise I am stuck and unable to move on.
    Thank you

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  • Thanks for raising this issue.

    Are you entering to the box l or l' ?

    This card only accepts the second as a valid answer.

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  • I am typing l'. Yet the app accepts either "l" or the apostrophe itself. But the app pronounces it as "l" and doesn't move on. I have even installed French keyboard to type it correctly.

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  • Thanks for the reply.

    Does it happen on all the devices and browsers with what you have been learning on Lingvist or only on some?

    I tested it over myself on Chrome and Firefox and I can't reproduce the issue unfortunately.

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  • It occurs on my samsung tab, on Chrome browser. I gave up and switched to my laptop.

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