New "levels" feature is available on mobile
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    Hey guys, new feature "levels" is now available to all users on Android and iOS.

    This is a case for your review.

    How do you find it? Yes/No/Maybe? What would you change if it were up to you (do start with your point of view, e.g. "If I were a designer...")?

    Vote above, shoot all your comments below. Thanks for being with us. ✌️

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  • I have the Lingvist Android app installed on my phone. I actually like the level up feature. It is an awesome treat to be able to visualize progression.
    I vote thumbs up.
    am smiling as I type.

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  • @Marina-Shutova
    I have the Lingvist app on my iPhone. I do not see this feature. I would like to have a level indication, but before that I would like my iPhone to sync progress immediately and reliably with the web app. Right now it seems to take time and or require met to force quit the iPhone app.

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  • What is the highest level I can get?

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  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @electricpenguin, you may be running an older version of the app. Let's check if there is an update available for you.

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  • Hi Marina, I am running dated March 7th 2017. I had to log out and back in and now I see my level. I have the same question, what's the highest level? And is it just a matter of vocabulary level or is there more to it e.g. % correct?

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  • works@Lingvist

    Hey, @electricpenguin & @Katarzyna, levels reflect the amount of words you have added to your vocabulary. You can see how many levels lie ahead of you by clicking the levels icon and then "See all levels".
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