What happens at the end of a course?
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  • I'm done with the French course. I hit 4806 words today. I was congratulated. I love Lingvist. I'm sure the algorithm to decide what words to show you is brilliant but once you hit the maximum number of words you cannot keep practicing as many words as you want.

    My daily routine was 150 words and I wish I could keep doing this once I'm done. Now I only get 30/40 a day once the progrom thinks it's time to review them. My approach has been to come back every weekend and do the review of as many words as are in the stack.

    I'm sure there must be an easy way to modify the program to show me the 150 weakest words no matter what.

    A final thought: I think Lingvist is GREAT. But I would prefer if they become better at 3-4 languages than mediocre at 30 (like Duolingo). I would prefer if you kept developing the French course until there is no other place that can compete with you guys.

    Imagine: Lingvist, the place where you can learn 10000 words.

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  • @carlosquintanillaa I can't support you on that. I see this as a matter of habit, to go through those words that you already know and supposedly still remember, but it's probably not the best way to spend your spare time. The language learning doesn't ends with those 4806 words. Now, when you have gotten so far, it's a high time to read a book in French, learn some grammar or even find someone to practice with. As, no matter how sophisticated the program is, in a long run, it wouldn't give you as much, as a real-world practice. Any of the language learning systems I know (like Duolingo, RosettaStone, Pimsleur and Michel Thomas courses or even our beloved Lingvist) aims just to get one started with the language. After that, you are on your own with the big world. So you should find out your learning goals and priorities and pursue them

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  • Thanks dev_temp. Your suggestions are very good. Actually they are part of my daily routine. But I did like having Lingvist part of it.

    My routine:

    a) "keep gold the tree" in Duolingo (my daily goal is 50 xps)
    b) 150 words in Lingvist
    c) About 20-25 minutes (Babbel; see I am willing to pay for a good product)
    d) at least 30 minutes France24 everyday
    e) A chapter a week from a good Grammar Book (I like French Grammar in Context by Jubb).
    e) 1 hour min reading in Frech

    The only component missing is speaking french. This component in particular has no interest for me.

    I understand that Lingvist eventually wants to go commercial. What are you going to do with "customers" like me who after 2 1/2 months are done? You want to retain them.

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  • @carlosquintanillaa Nice! I envy (in a good way). There is always Anki or Memrise to complement your section b. Just sayin'...

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  • Thanks dev_temp. I will explore those alternatives.

    One which I forgot to mention and I also recommend is: Readlang Web Reader. It's an extension for Chrome. Say you are reading Le Monde and you find a word that you don't know. You click on it and you get the translation. But even nicer, you can import the word (and the context, you import the sentence actually) to your own personal database. Then you go back once in a while to their website and practice the words.

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