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    I have picked just a few idioms here from hundreds, as every valley in Austria and Switzerland and every village in north Germany will have their own idioms. If you have your own favourites, please comment and list them below!

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  • Das passt/sitzt wie so angegossen - It fits like a glove/It's a perfect fit (literally - It fits/sits as it's cast/poured)
    Das ist mir Wurst - It's the same to me (literally - that is my sausage)
    Bock Haben - to feel like doing something (literally - to have a goat)

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    @Brandon-Lutz Great additions Brandon! I have actually never translated bock haben, very funny to read 'to have a goat'.
    Reminds me of this t-shirt design:
    0_1486546825677_Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.38.56.png

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