10 Ways to Say "Yes" - Vote For Your Favourite!
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  • works@Lingvist

    There are also more trivial options to agree, such as those below, but we are not including them in the poll to test the less standard expressions:)

    • Yep, Yeah, Uh-huh, Yup, By all means, Ok, Okey-dokey;
    • Sure, Surely, Totally, Right on, Very well.

    Any other ways to agree? Post in the comments!

    This poll is inspired by the Oxford Dictionary blog post.

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  • have you seen all?:)
    I'm Japanese and I haven't been abroad. And I haven't see a few of this list before:O For example Rightto,Yuppers and ja...

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  • works@Lingvist

    @googol sometimes it could even be RightYo! ;) Yes, very colloquial but they do exist.

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  • @Lisa-Ockinga thank you for your reply! I didn't know English has many ways to say Yes.

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