10 Ways to Say "Yes" - Vote For Your Favourite!

There are also more trivial options to agree, such as those below, but we are not including them in the poll to test the less standard expressions:)

  • Yep, Yeah, Uh-huh, Yup, By all means, Ok, Okey-dokey;
  • Sure, Surely, Totally, Right on, Very well.

Any other ways to agree? Post in the comments!

This poll is inspired by the Oxford Dictionary blog post.

have you seen all?:)
I'm Japanese and I haven't been abroad. And I haven't see a few of this list before:O For example Rightto,Yuppers and ja...


@googol sometimes it could even be RightYo! ;) Yes, very colloquial but they do exist.

@Lisa-Ockinga thank you for your reply! I didn't know English has many ways to say Yes.





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Another word for yes is "affirmative." It comes from the military, so it has a military connotation. But for those of you who play video games, it is perfect for that.

certainly, definitely, for sure all mean yes as well

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Roger (just like the name, Roger) means yes when you are talking on the radio. You will hear it a lot in war movies. ... oops that was one of your original 10, I should have re-read the question.

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Where I'm from, Boston MA, we tend to say "alright, sure, yeah, ok or k" a lot.

My go-to is "Yogi!" Also, borrowing from the Simpsons, "Okely-dokely, neighbor!"

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