Will you add more words to the RU>EN course?
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  • I really like this site, and I can not in any case regret that i i got into this site .But I learned 4522 words,and i can't reach 5000,it makes me disappointed. when you add new cards?

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  • Hi, guys!
    I've had same problem - my progress have stopped on 4429 words.
    Lingvist is the best app I've ever used so I'm really looking forward to your reply

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  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Valera-Valera and @kanzitdinov

    Glad to hear that you like our English course and want to have more cards :) I'm happy to tell you that I'm currently working on adding the new words to the RU-EN course. You will see them soon.

    Happy learning with Lingvist!

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  • works@Lingvist

    @Valera-Valera , @kanzitdinov New words have been added :)!

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  • works@Lingvist

    good job!

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