My repeat stack spiked

I’m very unhappy about your latest update.
I spent more over 30 hours on your platform, in the order to improve my English level.
Every days I was connected after my job and I daily discovery new words.
So, since some days you had reset my progression or something like that.
Before I had on average 100-150 words to check before you suggest me news words. That was correct.
But now, its 700, 800 and today 1300 words to check before learn news words.
I haven’t enough spare time to check again words like: car, the, dad, baby, kids, blue, pink.…
You're serious? After 30 hours you ask me if I know this words.
Sincerely, since this event I can't continue to work on your website, because that waste my time to check during two hours if I know colors and numbers.
And like you can read, I haven’t finish my progression, I’m not fluent English, but I get some basis, and I need to check more complex words, like before.
Can you do something for me please?
Thank you

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Thank you for raising this.

I have asked our developers to take a look on your account to see what has happened with it.

Lingvist graduate

I had something similar, I used to connect almost everyday (so few words to review) but one day Lingvist say that I have all the words I have already learned to review. I was a huge amount and I was a little desperate but I try to do as usual and the program despite what it said, made me review just few words and then gave my new words.
Today, Lingvist still say that I have 1982 words to review but I know that it is just a error.
So did you try the program ? Because maybe it will give you new words to learn like for me.


Thanks for letting us know.

We will check your account also.

We have finished our investigation about your accounts.

You answered correctly large number of new words in very short time-frame. We ask them to be repeated after a while. The way we assign them to be repeated will be improved in future to avoid assigning them all in few days.

Hello, I have same oppinion that the others.
We have too much words to repeat after a little break of several days.
Since one week, i can't learn new words because every day the application adds too much words to revise.
I have to check too much simples words that that I succeeded from the first shot.
I would be good if the tools still propose us news word despite a big list of revision.
Moreover there are currently quite a few bugs like no sounds when the sentence is reading.

Thank you for your response

We have a fix ready for the sound issue.

We are doing lasts quality checks on it.

We plan to push it out very soon.

Sound issue has been fixed now.

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